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An award-winning online Professional Training & Education on Loss, Bereavement & Grief to individuals and professionals.

Grief is a normal, adaptive response to loss and is an inevitable part of all of our lives.

It can take many forms such as bereavement, loss of a relationship, retirement, acquired injury or disability.

The most obvious form of loss is bereavement, and millions of people are bereaved around the globe annually.

Most (60% of bereaved people) individuals will not need professional support after a loss, but for those that do (40% of bereaved people), adequate grief counselling is hard to come by due to a lack of grief training standards for mental health professionals in many countries around the world.

Liz Gleeson, a highly experienced psychotherapist who specialises in loss and grief, has taken action to address this deficit in accessible and evidence based Grief Training & Education in the Shapes Of Grief online Grief Training.

The Shapes of Grief online training programme has over 35 hours of evidence-based learning from grief specialists, psychologists, mental health and medical professionals, many of whom are experts in the field of Grief and Loss and most with personal, first-hand experience of loss too.

The content is presented in an interesting, engaging and safe manner.

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Programme Impact

Shapes of Grief officially launched their full offering in 2021 and has had great recognition for their work so far

Programme founder Liz Gleeson and has recieved wide recognition for her work so far and was recently named in the Euclid Top 100 women in Social Enterprise and received an Impact Award from Social Entrepreneurs Ireland.

The award-winning Shapes Of Grief podcast continues to grow and has been listened to more than 200,000 times to date, reaching a wide audience across the world.

The online education programme has over 500 users signed-up, to professionally develop in the area of grief.

Most importantly, those who grieve have found immense comfort and empowering through the Shapes Of Grief resources, as gaining a fuller understanding of what we are experiencing and why (psycho-education), can help in our grieving process enormously.

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About Liz Gleeson

Liz is is an experienced Psychotherapist and Educator in the field of Grief and Loss and is currently a PhD student exploring the role of compassion in grief support.

Liz curates the (award-winning) Shapes Of Grief Global Grief Education Programme, is recognised globally as a Grief Specialist and she presents at conferences and summits internationally about all aspects of Loss and Grief.

View Liz's full bio here.

Participant Testimonials

“As a professional therapist, I am grateful that this course exists. There are many CPD courses that skim the surface of their topic. This course explores in-depth, the many many shapes of grief that we all may face professionally and personally. It is academically strong and the content is so relatable. I have recommended it to many colleagues and will continue to do so.”

Mary - Cancer Care employee, Ireland

"Shapes of Grief is a wonderful Grief Training resource that I highly recommend to anyone working to support grieving people".

Dr Kathryn Mannix - Palliative Doctor, UK

"The Shapes of Grief material goes deeper than just the surface level questions and really touches upon some of the personal experiences that the professionals bring. It is really important material for anyone working with grief and loss in any capacity. Do delve in, I highly recommend this course!”

Andy Langford - Clinical Director, Cruse UK

“I found so much value in the Shapes Of Grief material. I found professionals who truly understand what it means to be a grieving person and offer tools on how to navigate this process. There are great life skills, beyond grief, and these are now embedded in me as ways that I will approach my life. I will take these with me into my own practice.”

Sandy, USA

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