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Hosted by Liz Gleeson, Grief Psychotherapist & Grief Educator,
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What you will learn?

  • Understand Grief as a normal response to loss, not a problem to be fixed
  • Learn about the factors that influence how we grieve & different perspectives of grief and loss
  • Take a deep dive into some of the theories and learn how to apply them to your working relationships
  • How grief impacts us on all levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, socially
  • How to effectively support people who are grieving loss of any kind
  • Anticipatory Grief, Disenfranchised Grief, Ambiguous Loss, Prolonged Grief Disorder, Bereavement Overload and much more.
  • Earn over 40 hrs of CPD, recognised by accrediting bodies internationally.

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If you want a much better understanding in how to be alongside people who are grieving, to understand how to ease rather than exacerbate grief, and to feel much more confident and competent in supporting the bereaved, then this self-paced Training Programme is for you.

What our participants are saying

I can't thank you enough for this incredible Training Programme. I have learnt more in the past week than I have during my whole training to date! It is a real gift to offer this programme, thank you Liz, and all at Shapes Of Grief, for your generosity.I have learnt so much about my own relationship to grief as well as how I will use it professionally.

Doctor, Ireland

I thought I understood grief really well and boy was I wrong. Honestly, I didn't think that I'd learn anything new here, but you have really got me thinking and I realise that I really didn't know much about grief and loss. Thank you for your incredible teaching and for gently showing me my blind spots! I enjoyed every bit of all four levels.

Psychotherapist, Canada

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About Shapes Of Grief

Shapes of Grief is an internationally recognized organization dedicated to enhancing competency around loss, grief and bereavement literacy. Curated by Psychotherapist and grief specialist Liz Gleeson, Shapes of Grief equips individuals with the tools and expertise necessary for understanding and supporting the complex needs of the bereaved, or people grieving any type of loss. With a curriculum that has been meticulously developed to include the most comprehensive evidence-based material available, Shapes Of Grief stands out as the only program to feature contributions from international grief experts. The award-winning online programme offers different levels of training to accurately meet the needs of each learner. Don’t wait to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most, sign-up today!

What our participants are saying

"I highly recommend anyone who would like to become more informed in grief and loss to visit the Shapes of Grief website, listen to the podcast or sign up for the education programme. There is such a wealth of information on a broad range of topics and Shapes of Grief has enabled me to be so much more grief informed. Liz has a warm, compassionate way of presenting the work and her skill as a therapist shines through. The amount of knowledge I’ve gained through the Shapes of Grief education programme has been fantastic and being a trainee counsellor, this has been an essential additional resource to the basic information we have been given in colleges. Anyone interested in the field of grief and loss, whether because of a personal bereavement, working with grief and loss in any way, or involved in the field of counselling and psychotherapy would really benefit from exploring Shapes of Grief and what it has to offer. I would highly recommend."

Salma Mahmoud, Psychotherapist, Egypt

"Shapes of Grief, the online grief training program, is put together by Liz Gleeson with a lot of thought and passion. The topics are selected and organized in a way that offers a holistic understanding of grief. The content of the lectures and discussions is also based on personal experiences and clinical practice, making it very relevant if you are grieving or working with grief. I am a psychotherapist with experience in grief, and I highly recommend this course."anks so much again.

Nicola, Cruse Bereavement Volunteer &  Trainee Psychotherapist, UK

‘The Shapes of Grief course is honestly more than just a worthwhile CPD experience in my opinion. The quality of the content, the depth of the topics covered, the wealth of material and the emotional integrity at the centre of all of the modules - it is a course that has deepened my knowledge of grief and the grieving process. As a professional therapist, I am grateful that this course exists. There are many CPD courses that skim the surface of their topic. This course explores in-depth, the many many shapes of grief that we all may face professionally and personally. It does so in an academically strong way and it is also very easy watch the content as it is so relatable. I have recommended it to many colleagues and will continue to do so.’

Mary Kate Kelly

Cancer Care West, Ireland

Become grief-literate today!

Shapes of Grief Training Programme

Don't know what to do or say when someone is grieving? Afraid you'll make it worse? Become Grief-Trained today & learn how to deliver effective grief support.

About Liz Gleeson

Experienced Psychotherapist, Grief Specialist, Lecturer & Researcher

Liz Gleeson is an experienced Psychotherapist and Educator in the field of Grief and Loss and is currently a PhD student exploring the impact of Forest Therapy on bereaved people.

She offers workshops and trainings for a variety of organisations and coordinates two modules on the MSc Bereavement Studies at the Irish Hospice Foundation & RCSI.

In 2015, Liz qualified as an Open Floor Movement Therapist, an approach that she uses to inform her clinical practice and she has a particular interest in how grief manifests in the body and how to use our bodies and nature to support the grieving process.

Qualified with a MA Dramatherapy, MSc Bereavement Studies and MA in Counselling & Psychotherapy (with first class honours in all), Liz’s approach is well grounded in theory & practice.

In 2019, Liz set-up the podcast ‘Shapes Of Grief’ which has found its way onto recommended resources in Universities and Colleges internationally, as an excellent resource for grief education, earning 200,000+ plays in its first three years.

What our participants are saying

Liz’s Grief Session with our company was informative and practical, helping us to manage all aspects of grief in the workplace. Liz guided us through welcoming staff members back to work after a significant loss & supporting the team on how to approach the difficult subject. Some key takeaways from our group were the Do’s and Don’ts that Liz provided when speaking to someone going through a significant loss in their life.

These tips were not only helpful in the workplace, but also a great guide on how to navigate the difficult topic in day-to-day life. As a result of our session with Liz, we are a more grief literate company. Thanks Liz!

Hi Liz, I am so sorry for the Friday evening email, but I couldn’t let tonight pass by without thanking you a million times for last night. The resounding response this morning, the conversations in the staffroom with those who were at your talk, but also those who were not there but were listening to our experience of your talk, was amazing. Also….. the stories that emerged this morning of grief from staff members who have never spoken before… we just spoke and talked and wow, the topic used to scare me a little and I honestly feel so much more readying in facing it, but also so aware of how much more I have to and want to learn.

Have a lovely weekend Liz and honestly, thanks so much again.

As a Cruse Bereavement Volunteer, I have found this training invaluable and - after 35 years working as a primary teacher and headteacher - I know it will further equip me when I start my Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy in September at xxxx.
I am indebted to Liz for sharing her knowledge, skill, compassion and wisdom with us. She has such heart for this work and has inspired me to continue to strive to be the best version of myself, in service of my clients.

Become grief-literate today!

Shapes of Grief Training Programme

Don't know what to do or say when someone is grieving? Afraid you'll make it worse? Become Grief-Trained today & learn how to deliver effective grief support.