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Grief Training Programmes

This Award-Winning Training Programme addresses the Grief-Training needs of Healthcare Professionals, Educators, HR Managers and anyone who supports people who are grieving, (or the bereaved themselves!)

In total, it comprises 40+ hours of presentations, interviews and lectures delivered by over thirty of the world's leading experts in Loss and Grief. It will open your eyes and your heart to the depth and breadth of grief, in all its facets.

Which Training Level is for me? 

Which Levels are for YOU?

Everyone should have Level 1 Grief-Literacy, Healthcare Professionals, Bereavement Volunteers, Hospice workers and others will choose additional levels to meet advanced professional needs of grief training.

Explore our Grief Training Courses

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Level One

Foundation Certificate in Loss and Grief

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Level Two

Intermediate Certificate in Loss and Grief

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Level Three

Advanced Certificate in Loss and Grief

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Level Four

Prolonged Grief Disorder and it's Treatment

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Shapes of Grief Staffroom

rJoin some of the world's most renowned grief theorists in conversation with Liz Gleeson in the Shapes Of Grief Staffroom.

The Staffroom features the most prominent Grief Theorists of the last 100 years.

"Everyone can master a grief but he that has it" - Shakespeare

What Outcomes will each Level of Training give you?

Build the Programme to suit your professional needs, whether that be foundational knowledge, intermediate skills or advanced tools for clinical practice.

This programme is inspired by and responding to the Adult Bereavement Pyramid from the Irish Hospice Foundation - for more read here.


"Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness" - Desmond Tutu

Overall Course Outcomes

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✓ Understand different levels of bereavement support, where you fit on the map, your limitations and how to refer people on to more appropriate support when needed.

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✓ Significantly increase your confidence and competence when supporting grieving people through much improved grief knowledge and skill development.

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✓ Know how to offer appropriate, effective, personalised bereavement support that is highly compassionate and offers hope. Understand the important attitudes and attributes needed for effective grief support.

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✓ Gain a deeper understanding of types of loss, types of grief and the theories and models that help us understand the grieving process. There are no stages of grief!

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✓ Understand the myriad of ways in which people experience grief and cope with loss, know why containment, boundaries and personalised care are important.

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✓ Be aware of cultural differences with death & grief, know how to check your biases. Hold space in a respectful and non-judgemental way. Avoid common pitfalls.

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✓ Learn how to support bereaved individuals more effectively, including some of the necessary attitudes, attributes and communication skills.

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✓ Learn advanced knowledge and skills to support people who are experiencing profound loss after an unexpected or traumatic loss or who are at risk of Prolonged Grief Disorder.

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"I went to so many therapists, they were nice, but just didn't understand. It was such a relief to finally find someone who understands loss".

Why Choose The Shapes Of Grief Online Training Programme?

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✓ Shapes Of Grief is a multiple-award-wining grief training that provides the most comprehensive, self-paced online programme available today.

It combines the collective knowledge, wisdom and professional experience of over thirty professionals in the field of loss and grief.

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✓ Unlike other Courses, this training programme draws on evidence-based theory and practice.

We have identified that professionals require different levels of grief competency, depending on the professional support they offer, and our training programme has been structured accordingly, into four distinct levels. 

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✓ Through the Shapes Of Grief training programme, we want to equip you to increase your confidence and competence and build the core competencies needed to ensure that the bereavement care you offer is timely, compassionate and appropriate to the needs of the people you are supporting.

"Finding the Shapes Of Grief Training Programme was like finding a secret treasure on the internet - this resource is extraordinary!"

Learners come from a wide range of backgrounds across the globe!

Endorsements from the Experts

Participant Testimonials

I absolutely loved module 1 and in particular, listening directly to the thoughts of some of the leading researchers/theorists through Liz's curiosity and questioning. There is rich learning on this course, but also opportunities to discover more through own research. I am on placement at the moment and one of my clients needed support on mild bereavement. It was one of the most rewarding experiences as a trainee counsellor and a privilege to meet this person. Whilst I believe we did some good work together, I think this course is strengthening my ability to support people who come to therapy wanting help with a bereavement.

Conrad Taylor
Counsellor in Training, UK

Just wanted to say a big thank you for this amazing training.

All of the team have benefited greatly and have been incorporating this within their practice when offering bereavement support. The training has brought us all a renewed sense of understanding and a great source of support."

Julieanne Conlon
Community Social Work Co-Lead
Northern Ireland Hospice

Shapes of Grief, the online grief training program, is put together by Liz Gleeson with a lot of thought and passion.

The topics are selected and organized in a way that offers a holistic understanding of grief.

I am a psychotherapist with experience in grief, and I highly recommend this course.

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"we don't get over grief, we grow around grief.
We learn to accommodate it, to adapt to it. profound loss changes us forever" - Liz Gleeson

Programme Contributors

Delivered by 26 global Grief Specialists

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Our Courses will give you all the tools you need to work compassionately and effectively with those you support through grief

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