10% of bereaved people will need support from a trained specialist

Level Four - Prolonged Grief Disorder and it's Treatment

This Level (along with Levels One, Two and Three) is for qualified and accredited Mental Health Practitioners who want to be able to identify Prolonged Grief Disorder (formerly complicated grief) along with an introduction to Prolonged Grief Disorder Therapy, an evidence-based treatment for Prolonged Grief Disorder.

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Level Four: Learning Outcomes

This level builds on and supports skills achieved in Levels One, Two & Three

This course is designed for mental health professionals to be able to appropriately identify when grief becomes prolonged and may need a targeted, evidence-based intervention.

On completion of Level Four, your outcomes will be:

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✓ Further develop skills to explain clearly to clients the difference between acute grief, integrated grief and prolonged grief disorder, in simple language & using simple metaphors.

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✓ Be able to identify thought patterns or behaviors that are ‘derailing’ an adaptive grieving process, understand which interventions target these 'derailers'.

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✓ Gain awareness of diagnostic criteria in both the ICD-11 & the DSM V.

Understand the public opinions on Grief as a disorder, and also the science behind Prolonged Grief Disorder as a diagnosis.

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✓ Develop competence and confidence in using the different scales, methods and clinical tools used in Prolonged Grief Therapy Assessment and Treatment.

Understand the different core procedures used in the treatment of Prolonged Grief Disorder

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✓ Meet people who have been impacted by prolonged grief disorder, how they experienced the treatment of prolonged grief therapy and what supported them to get their grief back on track, including the importance of relational safety.

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✓ Take a deep dive into advanced therapeutic tools for understanding the individual's response to grief, why it may be problematic for them and how to help them get back on track to a more manageable way of grieving & coping with their loss.

Level Four: What's Included?

Topics Covered

  • PGD & Prolonged Grief Therapy
  • Prolonged Grief Disorder
  • Prolonged Grief Therapy/Treament 2 parts
  • James' Story of Prolonged Grief
  • Fiona's Story of Prolonged Grief
  • Access to the best international Grief Specialists in our Staffroom!


  • Dr Susan Delaney
  • Liz Gleeson, Psychotherapist & Grief Specialist
  • Liz Gleeson, Psychotherapist & Grief Specialist
  • James
  • Fiona

"Grief is as indivual as an fingerprint or an Iris. No two people grieve in the same way.
How we grieve, depends on a myriad of factors" - Liz Gleeson

Learners come from a wide range of backgrounds across the globe!

What our Course Attendees are saying

"I recently signed up for your programme and want to say, it is a fantastic resource. The topics covered are so informative and educational, no matter what your background, experience or qualification. It's all explained in an understandable way, which I truly appreciated! I feel there is something for everyone on this programme!"

Emer O
Psychotherapist, Ireland

"The Shapes of Grief course is honestly more than just a worthwhile CPD experience.

The quality of the content, the depth of the topics covered, the wealth of material and the emotional integrity at the centre of all of the modules - it is a course that has deepened my knowledge of grief and the grieving process."

Sandra Adams
Student Counsellor, USA

"Shapes of Grief, the online grief training program, is put together by Liz Gleeson with a lot of thought and passion.

The topics are selected and organized in a way that offers a holistic understanding of grief. I am a psychotherapist with experience in grief, & I highly recommend this course."

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"Death ends a life, not a relationship" - Mitch Albrom


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