Everyone should have level one grief literacy

Level One - Foundation Certificate in Grief and Loss

Grief Literacy is particularly relevant and important for teachers, frontline staff, clinical and non-clinical healthcare workers, volunteers, any staff members and anyone who wants to become more grief literate.

Some bereaved people find it helpful to learn about loss and grief in this way too.

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Level One: Learning Outcomes

Everyone can benefit from this level of grief Literacy, which is designed to provide skills and build a strong foundation of grief knowledge. On completion of level one, your outcomes will be:

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✓ Perceive grief as a normal, adaptive response to loss and part of our common humanity, as well as the profound impact some losses can have on an individual's life. Develop awareness around what is perceived as helpful & unhelpful by bereaved people.

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✓ Learn how to acknowledge loss, validate emotions & support individual grief responses compassionately & without judgement. Learn the theories underpinning best practice & broaden awareness of types of losses.

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✓ Understand the possible physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual & social impact of loss, how this differs for everyone & how to reassuringly validate an individual's grief response.

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✓ Critically appreciate the significance of self-care, resilience and how to avoid burnout. Know our personal limits, when supervision may be needed & the benefits of an ongoing personal reflective practice.

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✓ Understand how to work ethically, including developing healthy boundaries, being self-aware, respectful, non-judgemental, patient, understanding & kind.

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✓ Develop competence around different levels of grief support, knowing the limits of your professional competence & learn when & how to signpost to additional levels of support.

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✓ Understand how we respond to a person’s loss can either ease or exacerbate the experience for them. Learn effective communication skills to ease grief & avoid common mistakes.

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✓ Deepen your awareness of the refugee experience & how to compassionately support displaced people. Become aware of cultural considerations & identify personal biases.

Level One: What's Included?

Topics Covered

  • Theories and Models of Grief and Loss
  • Who needs Grief Therapy?
  • An Introduction to Loss & Grief, 5 Parts
  • The Art of Listening
  • Compassion and Burnout for Caregivers
  • Ethical Practice in Grief Counselling
  • Cultural Considerations in Grief Support
  • Understanding and Supporting Refugees
  • Access to the best international Grief Specialists in our Staffroom!


  • Liz Gleeson, Psychotherapist & Grief Specialist
  • Dr Kathryn Mannix, Retired Palliative Care Consultant & Author
  • Molly Gleydura
  • Caoimhe Butterly, Psychotherapist, Humanitarian & Activist.

Learners come from a wide range of backgrounds across the globe!

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Level Two

Intermediate Certificate in Loss and Grief

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Level Three

Advanced Certificate in Loss and Grief

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Level Four

Prolonged Grief Disorder and it's Treatment


What our Course Attendees are saying

As a professional therapist, I am grateful that this course exists. This course explores in-depth, the many many shapes of grief that we all may face professionally and personally. It is academically strong and the content is so relatable. I have recommended it to many colleagues and will continue to do so.

Cancer Care Employee


The Shapes of Grief course is honestly more than just a worthwhile CPD experience.

The quality of the content, the depth of the topics covered, the wealth of material and the emotional integrity at the centre of all of the modules - it is a course that has deepened my knowledge of grief and the grieving process.

Mary Kate Kelly


Shapes of Grief, the online grief training program, is put together by Liz Gleeson with a lot of thought and passion.

The topics are selected and organized in a way that offers a holistic understanding of grief. I am a psychotherapist with experience in grief, & I highly recommend this course.

Salma Mahmoud
Psychotherapist, Egypt

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