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The Shapes Of Grief Staffroom

Join some of the world's most renowned grief theorists in conversation with Liz Gleeson in the Shapes Of Grief Staffroom. These conversations will profoundly enhance your learning experience.

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Meet the Grief Theorists in The Staffroom

Dr Irvin Byalom

Irvin Yalom

Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist & Author

Dr Robert Neimeyer

Dr Robert Neimeyer

Clinician, Academic and Author

Dr Pauline Boss

Dr Pauline Boss

Professor Emeritus, Family Psychologist, Family Therapist & Author

Dr. Colin Murray Parkes

Dr Colin Murray Parkes

Psychiatrist, Researcher & Author

Dr Margaret Stroebe

Dr Margaret Stroebe

Professor & Clinical Psychologist

Dr Kenneth Doka

Dr Kenneth Doka

Professor of Gerontology & Author

Dr Dennis Klass

Dr Dennis Klass

Professor Emeritus, Clinical Psychologist & Author

Dr Jon Mills

Dr Jon Mills

Philosopher, Psychoanalyst, Clinical Psychologist & Author

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Who's in the Staffroom?

The Shapes Of Grief Staffroom features the most prominent Grief Theorists of the last 100 years. These pioneers gave us so much knowledge and wisdom about the spectrum of possible responses to loss and informed much of our contemporary grief theories. 

Topics Covered

  • Death, Dying & Grief
  • Ambiguous Loss
  • Narrative Therapy & Meaning Making
  • Continuing Bonds Grief Theory
  • Disenfranchised Grief & Grieving Styles
  • The Dual Process Model of Grief
  • Attachment Theory, Models of Grief & Community Disasters
  • Mourning & Melancholia


Programme Contributors

Delivered by 26 global Grief Specialists, the Course will give you all the tools you need to work compassionately and effectively with those you support through grief.

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What our students are saying

As a professional therapist, I am grateful that this course exists. This course explores in-depth, the many many shapes of grief that we all may face professionally and personally. It is academically strong and the content is so relatable. I have recommended it to many colleagues and will continue to do so.

Cancer Care Employee, Ireland

The course has helped me to reaffirm, build on my own knowledge and skills & immediately apply them, not only within my working practice, but my charity work too. I have recommended this training to several staff members throughout the hospital including PICU sisters, ED Doctors and those working in End-of-life care.

It reinforced my passion for accompanying families through grief.

Victoria Hussey, Bereavement Care Specialist

Hospital Setting, UK

Shapes of Grief, the online grief training program, is put together by Liz Gleeson with a lot of thought and passion.

The topics are selected and organized in a way that offers a holistic understanding of grief. I am a psychotherapist with experience in grief, & I highly recommend this course.

Salma Mahmoud, Psychotherapist, Egypt

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