Something short about level Three grief literacy

Level Three - Advanced Certificate in Grief and Loss

This Level (along with Levels One and Two) is for mental health practitioners who regularly offer clinical support to people who are grieving, such as counsellors, social workers, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychoanalysts, creative arts therapists, psychiatrists, nurses, doctors & consultants.

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Level Three: Learning Outcomes

This level builds on and supports skills achieved in Level 1 & 2

Level Three is designed for both student & accredited mental health and other healthcare professionals who are looking to become much more competent supporting the bereaved in clinical practice.

It will equip you to support people with complex & intense needs following loss, through psycho-education, expanding resources & coping skills and learning how to regulate. On completion of level three, your outcomes will be:

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✓ Improve assessment skills and gain the ability to recognise maladaptive coping. Understand how past losses & attachment style may impact present losses. Learn how to identify whether or not counselling or therapy is going to be helpful.

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✓ Be equipped to support individuals with complex and intense bereavement needs. Know how to manage expectations & develop realistic treatment goals for bereavement.

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✓ Gain advanced knowledge & skills in Perinatal loss, including how to support parents following miscarriage, termination and stillbirth.

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✓ Understand how grief affects the body physically, how to use the polyvagal theory in practice and the therapist's role in co-regulation and reconstructing safety.

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✓ Understand the difference between grief and trauma, be aware of the physiological processes involved in a trauma-response and the importance of relational safety.

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✓ Gain advanced knowledge and skills for supporting the bereaved, using tools such as the Range of Response to Loss Model, the Adult Attitude to Grief Scale and clinical interventions such as 'Building a Resilience Cloak'.

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✓ Learn how to listen for the loss-related events or interpretations that cause guilt, fear or rumination. Help foster psychological flexibility and identify moments of choice in the grieving process.

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✓ Understand the difference between primary & secondary losses & their impact on the grieving process. Learn the importance of fostering hope & the need for new purpose & meaning in life.

Level Three: What's Included?

Topics Covered

  • Pain & Choice in Grief
  • How Grief Manifests in the Body
  • Creating a Resilience Cloak
  • Polyvagal Theory in Clinical Practice
  • Clinical Interventions: AAG Scale & RRL Model
  • Grief Counselling & Grief Therapy
  • Traumatic Loss & Traumatic Grief
  • Perinatal Loss, Advanced Practice
  • Access to the best international Grief Specialists in our Staffroom!


  • Gill Mann, Psychotherapist & Author
  • Liz Gleeson, Psychotherapist & Grief Specialist
  • Dr Diana Sands, Suicide Specialist
  • Liz Gleeson, Psychotherapist & Grief Specialist
  • Dr Linda Machin, Grief Specialist
  • Liz Gleeson, Psychotherapist & Grief Specialist
  • Meghan Riordan Jarvis, Social Worker
  • Brenda Casey, Senior Bereavement Midwife

Learners come from a wide range of backgrounds across the globe!

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What our Course Attendees are saying

I recently signed up for your programme and want to say, it is a fantastic resource. The topics covered are so informative and educational, no matter what your background, experience or qualification. It's all explained in an understandable way, which I truly appreciated! I feel there is something for everyone on this programme!

Emer O
Psychotherapist, Ireland

The Shapes of Grief course is honestly more than just a worthwhile CPD experience.

The quality of the content, the depth of the topics covered, the wealth of material and the emotional integrity at the centre of all of the modules - it is a course that has deepened my knowledge of grief and the grieving process.

Andy Langford
Cruse Bereavement UK

Excellent module again. I am loving the Shapes of Grief training and feel I am learning so much from it. I particularly enjoyed the Linda Machin trio of presentations. Such a wonderful model that is both deep in its application/use but quite straight forward/clear in how it can be used with clients

Conrad Taylor

Student Counsellor, UK

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