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What our students are saying about the course

I have found the course so far to be absorbing and thought provoking. The interaction between Liz Gleeson and the speakers has brought the content to life and has proved to be a compelling experience. I have been nursing for many years and had not appreciated how thinking and established Models of Grief are no longer considered to be correct. Dr Dennis Klass was someone who I could have listened to for much longer and I hope to access further content from him. The course has made me rethink how to approach people at what is a difficult time in their lives and hopefully make a difference to how they are able to cope.

TW, Healthcare Assistant, UK

This was such a fantastic foundation on the established models of grief, and far more in-depth than anything I have accessed before. Listening to all the different experts present both academic theory and personal stories was fascinating. I love the conversational style of interviews and cannot wait to dig into Module 2 now! This training is such a perfect companion to the end-of-life doula training I have recently started. So valuable to be doing both. I have recommended it to others on my doula course.

Jenny Campbell, Breathwork Facilitator and Teacher, UK

Thanks, Liz. I have completed the original training and I just purchased the entire new program.

I’m a graduate student in the MS in Thanatology program at Edgewood College under the direction of Dr. Janet McCord and a full-time bereavement coordinator in the USA. Your training is some of the best I’ve had. Keep up the great work!

Brandon, USA

Hi Liz, I am finding the course very interesting so far, with lots of "yes, that's exactly how it is!" moments!" I can think of no ways to improve it at present. I am looking forward to the rest of the course. Thank you so much for putting this together. Best wishes, Ange

Ange Bunt, UK

This has been an excellent module , so full of ideas and theories to provoke thoughts and challenge previously held viewpoints. Undertaken in parallel with listening to the podcast has been absolutely illuminating and I feel sure will ultimately enhance my practice when working with those who are bereaved.

Mental Health Nurse in Palliative Care, UK

Module 1 was great and provided me with great learning. Liz Gleeson is a wonderful facilitator with such genuine gentleness. I liked the variety of subjects/themes and people she interviewed. Some of the information was what I had previously learnt but it was good to be able to revise.

Katherine Lupton, Social Worker, UK

The case studies were so interesting and it was great to be able to print them out and read over more than once. Listening to the lectures, and then listening to the case studies brought the topics more to life.

Beth O'Brien, Thanantologist, Australia

I am learning a lot. Well presented and highly applicable.

Margretha Marais, Clinical Psychologist, South Africa

I would like to thank you all for contributing to this amazing module, sharing your experiences with honesty and humility. Its a wonderful privilege to hear learned professionals reflect on their practice, to gain a reviewed understanding, and to pave the way forward for those with an interest in this field. I found the structure of the module very clear and easy to understand and use. Having been pre recorded allowed me to stop and rewind if needed to hear a section for a second time, to take notes or take a short break.

Marie Brooks, Hospice Counsellor, UK

Fabulous lectures on grief. fascinating to learn more about the grief, grieving, culture and the study into; different perspectives and learning something new. I found it useful that not everyone needs counselling for grief. Freudian's theory on Mourning and his own experiences of grief Continuing bonds, a lovely theory - Denis Klass was inspirational Bowlby was mentioned a lot and i found this very useful with the theory of attachment.

Bereavement Liasion Practitioner

A great start to this course. I have been busy taking notes and it makes me what to explore all the various theorists and people working in this field in more depth. However as a busy mum and part time social worker in a hospice I am delighted to be getting this level of training in what is a very specialist and important field of social work. Yes the last session with Dr Klass reminds me of how lucky I am to work in this field of work and the importance of honouring the individuals journey or group process. I like the use of art and poetry that has been used in the different interview/ presentations and I look forward to the second module. Thank you.

Siobhan McGibbin, Social Worker, Ireland

I absolutely loved module 1 and, in particular, listening directly to the thoughts of some of the leading researchers/theorists through Liz's curiosity and questioning. Irvin Yalom is a real hero of mine and I enjoyed this discussion. I also really enjoyed the discussion with Robert Niemeyer and this has made me want to research him further. There is rich learning on this course, but also opportunities to discover more through own research. I am on placement at the moment and one of my clients needed support on mild bereavement. It was one of the most rewarding experiences as a trainee counsellor and a privilege to meet this person. Whilst I believe we did some good work together, I think this course is strengthening my ability to support people who come to therapy wanting help with a bereavement.

Conrad Taylor, Trainee Counsellor, UK

Excellent module. It was wonderful to learn the models of grief and mourning, but what I enjoyed the most and found most humbling is the authenticity and personal sharing of those involved and the very practical guidance on working supportively with those experiencing loss.

Emma, Psychotherapist, UK

Excellent introduction to numerous theoretical approaches and models to understanding grief. Very good quality of content, well presented, informative and offering multiple perspectives - which is wonderful to see.

Aman Kwatra, Counselling Psychologist, Trinity College Dublin

Dear Liz,
I have just completed the Shapes of Grief online learning programme and wanted to thank you for the amazing opportunity of being able to be included.
It really is an excellent programme; every contribution was of great value.
The gathering of such knowledgeable practitioners, all kind and gentle souls has been a joy to watch and listen to.
Thank you so much.

Patient & Family Support Services, Hospice , UK

I really found module 3 very interesting and I learnt a lot from it.
Having been through the death of a sibling and also close to a family whose son died by suicide, the subjects struck a personal chord for me.
It shows how very different grief can be for those in varying scenarios.
I would like to say how much I appreciate the people who spoke about their losses, certainly not an easy thing to do. I am grateful for the extra knowledge they have enabled me to have.
Thank you to them

I do not feel that this module could have been improved upon.
Thank you Liz.

Andrea Bunt, Hospice Counsellor, Cornwall