Something short about level two grief literacy

Level Two Foundation Certificate in Grief and Loss

This Level (along with Level One) is for individuals who work alongside those who grieve regularly such as Volunteers, First Responders, Frontline workers, HR managers, Religious or Spiritual Leaders, nurses, voluntary staff, doctors and bereavement group leaders.

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Level Two: Learning Outcomes

Some people will need additional knowledge and skills to support people who may need bereavement support, especially those who regularly work alongside those who are grieving.

Level Two builds on and supports skills achieved in Level One and goes further into types of loss and types of grief. You will also gain specific tools to deepen your understanding of how an individuals’ life experiences and personal circumstances may shape their grief. On completion of Level Two, your outcomes will be:

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✓ Offer individualised, interpersonal responses to grief based on unique circumstances or demographics such as race, gender, age, sexuality, relationship to the deceased or type of loss.

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✓ See how factors such as social network and personal circumstances impact the bereavement experience. Use relational safety to foster hope & an authentic connection with those you support.

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✓ Understand the importance of psycho-education to normalise & validate experiences. Gain communication skills including actively listening, coaching or sitting in silence when big emotions are present.

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✓ Build capacity for being alongside painful emotions & develop compassion for the profound pain & impact of loss. Become more adept at sensitively 'holding space' for bereaved people.

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✓ Learn how to offer safe space for people to process their loss, understanding the function of telling & retelling the circumstances of loss. Understand the limits of what can be achieved in grief support.

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✓ Understand how the needs of bereaved can be emotional, psychological, physical, financial and practical and how those needs often evolve with time. Identify people who may not be processing their grief as might be expected.

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✓ Competently assess the service level need of individuals, the scope of each level and be familiar with appropriate referral pathways for additional levels of support.

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✓ Build on the knowledge and competencies gained in Level One. Know how to create 'Safe Space' & relational trust, understand the importance of providing a sanctuary, either in group or one-to-one.

Level Two: What's Included?

Topics Covered

  • Ambiguous Loss
  • Disenfranchised Grief
  • Anticipatory Grief
  • Black Grief
  • Grief and Older People
  • LGBTQ+ Grief
  • Parental Bereavement
  • Perinatal Loss Introduction
  • Loss by Suicide
  • Sibling Loss
  • Separation & Divorce
  • Access to the best international Grief Specialists in our Staffroom!


  • Dr Pauline Boss
  • Dr Kenneth Doka
  • Katrina Taee & Wendelien McNicoll
  • Dr Mekel Harris
  • Dr Katrin Gerber
  • Liz Gleeson, Psychotherapist & Grief Specialist
  • Gill Mann, Psychotherapist
  • Brenda Casey, Bereavement Midwife
  • Fiona Tuomey CEO HUGG
  • Niamh Fitzpatrick, Psychologist
  • Dr Kale Monk

Learners come from a wide range of backgrounds across the globe!

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What our Course Attendees are saying

Just wanted to say a big thank you for this amazing training. All of the team have benefitted greatly and have been incorporating this within their practice when offering bereavement support. The training has brought us all a renewed sense of understanding and a great source of support.

- Julieanne Conlon
Community Social Work Co-Lead,
Northern Ireland Hospice

I found so much value in the Shapes Of Grief material. I found professionals who truly understand what it means to be a grieving person and offer tools on how to navigate this process. There are great life skills, beyond grief, and these are now embedded in me as ways that I will approach my life. I will take these with me into my own practice.

- Sandra Adams
Trainee Psychotherapist, Australia/USA

I found this module invaluable in expanding my knowledge and understanding of types of grief. Sincere thanks for the quality of your training, Liz. It is, most definitely, enhancing my confidence (and hopefully my effectiveness) as a Bereavement Volunteer

- Ann Vickers
Bereavement Volunteer, UK

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