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Launch Announced 31/3/22 and Live-Stream

We are delighted to host the official launch of Shapes Of Grief and will be welcoming eight different speakers and performers to the stage, each with their own unique perspective of grief, which they will tell in their own words.

Through story, song, poetry and words, we will explore the depth and breadth of the grief experience and find ways of coming together as a community to hold those who grieve in kindness and compassion

Grief is an inevitable part of life, an experience or a a set of emotions that are so common to the human condition, yet have become so taboo. Put simply, if we love, we grieve. There are many different kinds of losses and many different types of grief.

Shapes of Grief, through the Podcast and training programme, is on a mission to normalise and de-stigmatise the experience of grief so that those who are experiencing the pain of grief can feel less alone and those supporting them can be better equipped to ease rather than exacerbate the grieving process.

We will also explore the importance of Grief-Literacy & Grief-Training among our mental health and healthcare professionals, offering solutions and a call to action for all people working with the bereaved to answer the call to become Grief-Informed and Grief-Literate.

This event is hosted by Liz Gleeson, Grief Psychotherapist (MA, MSc Bereavement, MA Psychotherapy) and curator of the Shapes Of Grief Podcast & Grief Education Programme. Liz speaks at conferences and summits internationally about all aspects of Grief and is a regular contributor to media features on grief and loss.

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