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Published October 30, 2020 in

Edy Nathan psychotherapist & Author on sexual abuse and cumulative grief

Episode 13

Psychotherapist and author Edy Nathan joins me on Shapes Of Grief this week to talk about the grief she endured through sexual abuse and bullying at a young age, which lead to the debilitating condition of agoraphobia.

Edy’s experience would later shape her career choice, leading her to study the creative arts therapies, sex therapy and grief support. In this conversation, Edy takes us through her early experiences, how they shaped her and how she eventually came to integrate her grief and become a support for other people also experiencing cumulative grief and trauma.

Edy is offering listeners of Shapes Of Grief a free grief mediation download from her website, when you mention Shapes Of Grief. Her book ‘It’s Grief’ can be purchased on her website, which can be found here

In the conversation, I mention an article that I wrote about Ritual, Symbol & Metaphor which can be found on my blog.

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