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Published April 2, 2023 in

Ep. 103 Kate on her little sister Hanna’s illness and death

Episode 103

Often called ‘The forgotten grievers’, there is no name for someone who has lost a sibling. They regularly hear ‘how is your mum?’ or ‘how is your dad?’, but rarely ‘how are you?’. For a sibling, the loss can be enormous. Not only have they been bereaved of someone they have known probably for most or all of their lives, but they have also lost a version of their parents or family that existed before their sibling became ill or died; serious illness and death changes people and changes families. In this tender and honest conversation, Kate talks about what it was like when her baby sister was diagnosed with cancer. How painful it was to try to connect with Hanna when Hanna just wasn’t available for meaningful connection and how that changed over time.

Hanna’s book of poetry I would live for you, which Kate finished after Hanna’s death, is available to purchase from

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