Francis Weller

Published May 12, 2023 in

Loss in a time of uncertainty: Francis Weller

Grief and loss touch us all, arriving at our door in many ways. More than an emotion, grief is a core human faculty that enables us to metabolize the bitter losses that come to us, into a needed medicine for ourselves and the community. This skill develops slowly over time and requires that we take up an apprenticeship with sorrow as it invites gravity and depth into our lives. This is soul activism.

We will delve into the soul’s relationship with grief, how grief shared deepens our capacity for compassion and eases the congested sorrows that cloud our hearts. We will explore the obstacles to grief that hinder our ability to empty the bowl of sorrows we carry. Join us for an evening devoted to the many ways grief works us and changes our shape. Through presentation, poetry, story, and conversation, we will court the wild edge of sorrow.

This talk is hosted by Victoria Santos.

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