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Meaningful Conversations with everyday people about their experience of loss and how they navigated the grieving process. Normalising grief and helping people to feel a little less alone. Podcast episodes hosted by Grief Therapist Liz Gleeson

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86% of our listeners stay for the entire episode!

Demystifying grief and grieving one conversation at a time

Liz and guests discuss grief in all of its many facets, exploring the impact of different losses, the impact of bereavement, non-death losses, when death is sudden or traumatic, and most importantly, learning from each other about how to stretch and grow in order to adapt and adjust to life without our loved one.

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Meet the host

Hi there, I'm Liz Gleeson

I am an Irish Psychotherapist living on the East Coast of Ireland with my four teenage children, my two rescue dogs Shadow and Sadie and my cat Bella!

Loss shapes us

In my early years, I experienced a series of profound losses which I didn’t cope with very well - I didn’t know how to and nobody knew how to support me, so we all pretended like it never happened. This led to years of ‘ugly coping’.

Unsurprisingly, after working in marketing for a decade, I did a career pivot and threw myself into the world of psychology, a valiant attempt to understand myself and my responses to loss.


Finding my purpose

I pursued several Masters degrees in Dramatherapy, Loss & Bereavement and Counselling & Psychotherapy and was soon running a busy clinical practice specialising in loss and grief. My personal experience and my grief education meant that I was proficient in my role, and I soon found out that the world desperately needs more healthcare professionals who are grief trained.

Launching Shapes of Grief

In 2019, I launched the podcast Shapes Of Grief which quickly garnered the gratitude and respect of grievers worldwide. Professionals started to listen too: nurses, doctors and therapists all told me that they were learning so much from listening to the conversations, that they were helping them to be more compassionate at work with their bereaved patients and clients.

A mission begins!

So I decided to design and launch an Online Grief Training Programme. Many international colleagues from the field of loss and grief thought it was a great idea and came on board with me. The result is a multi-award-winning online Training Programme, offering 40+ hours of evidence-based grief training delivered by 30+ grief, loss and psychology professionals from around the world.

Join our collective of grief-trained professionals today!

What our listeners are saying

I have been bingeing on your podcasts!
I have found understanding and comfort since my best friend died. Your podcasts have been such soothing listening. I love podcasts, but yours are so beautifully crafted - the pain and learning and wisdom in each of your interviewee's stories emerge spontaneously from your interviewing, so what whatever might help fellow grievers is there.

Thank you.


I found the podcast not long after my Dad completed suicide. I was incredibly lost and alone. People didn’t know what to say to me. I was angry – my world felt like it had stopped & I didn’t understand how everyone else’s kept moving. It all felt too overwhelming.

When my world was shrinking, the podcast offered me a safe, non-judgemental place to  feel less alone in my experience. To know my feelings were valid. Your calm and reassuring presence made me feel like I had gained a friend. I cannot thank you enough.


My husband has come across your podcast after we have tragically lost our beautiful (nearly 18 year old) son in May this year. I have listened to so many of the podcasts in those early months and they were amazing. Not just because I suddenly felt part of a community but each individual story so beautifully told with so much emotion and compassion. Some have definitely brought a tear to my eye and I have learnt a lot from most of them. Thank you so much for all you do!

Anna Gillard

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