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Published October 30, 2020 in

Declan Hammond on parental loss, a father’s perspective

Episode 27

Thirteen years ago, Declan Hammond received a phone call that is every parent’s worst nightmare; his son had been involved in a mining accident abroad and was killed instantly.

Declan was spiralled into what felt like an alternative reality, his life would never be the same again. In this brutally honest account of his grief, Declan describes how, for a number of years, he felt mad with grief.

It was in the company of other bereaved parents where he found understanding, as many of his former friends fell away, unable to tolerate his grief.

Declan speaks about how his grief transformed him over the years and how he has now made meaning from his loss.

Declan recorded this short video for another podcast, it’s well worth a listen to

For more on Declan’s work, see /

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