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Published October 16, 2023 in

Ep.109 Tasha Smith – Can you just sit with me

Episode 109

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In this episode, Tasha opens up about her experience of pregnancy loss and then loosing another child to adoption, and how that impacted her life as a young teenager.

Tasha discusses her experience of the #DisenfranchisedGrief she suffered for years, without realizing that’s what she was experiencing, until the deaths of two sisters would bring much of her unresolved grief to the surface.

Tasha takes us through her profoundly painful journey of facing her grief and how she began to integrate her losses – using writing as a creative outlet. Tasha Smith is a wife, mother, and writer from North Carolina. She has appeared on Her View from Home, Focus on the Family, and TODAY Parents. Find her online at www.imnatashasmith.com


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