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Published December 22, 2021 in

Caitriona McMahon on anxiety / depression, the pain of Christmas and surviving suicidal planning

Episode 79

There’s often nothing more helpful to those who are suffering than an open and frank conversation from someone who has survived the abyss of depression, addiction or grief.

I loved talking to Caitriona about the common human struggles of fitting in, not having a sense of belonging, being too identified with our thoughts and the often excruciating road to recovery that requires such committment and courage.

Caitriona talks about a time in her life when she wanted to die, how her person Kayla helped her through and in recovery, how she found meaning and purpose in life by helping others who feel suicidal.

Both Caitriona and I hope that this conversation will bring hope to those of you listening who might be really struggling this Christmas. You are most definitely not alone.


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