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Published October 30, 2020 in

Helen Lambe on untimely widowhood following her husband’s death to cancer

Episode 21

Helen Lamb, owner and founder of the Dublin Wellness Centre, takes us on an intimate journey through her experience of grief following the death of her beloved husband when their baby boy was just months old.

Listeners who have accompanied loved ones through cancer will resonate deeply with some of the experiences that Helen shares. She talks about the acute loneliness of grief and the importance of friends who ‘get’ exactly what you’re going through. Helen describes how grief changed her and how she approached loving again after losing ‘the love of her life’.

Helen refers to her friendship with author Bebhinn Ramsey. To read Bebhinn’s book “Love’s last gift”, buy the kindle edition here.

Bebhinn is our guest on the Shapes Of Grief podcast next week, episode 22.

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