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Published October 30, 2020 in

Sheila Boland When your child dies – Spirituality and Mindfulness as a resource

Episode 36

On September 30th 2014, Sheila and Barry Boland learned that their beloved 3 year-old son Oisín had an incurable brain tumour and had only weeks to live.

Treatment could buy them some more time, but Sheila and Barry took a road less travelled and decided instead to focus on making every day special for their beloved boy.

Five years later, Sheila opens up to Liz about the incredible experience that would follow; one filled with equal parts of devastation and beauty and how it would propel Sheila onto a spiritual path in a search of meaning in the madness.

This episode features their first conversation. Following from this conversation, Sheila felt that there was still so much more that she wished she had said, so a further conversation is coming your way!

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