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Grief and Loss Literacy for schools – Parents, Teachers and Chaplaincy staff

There is no community untouched when somebody dies, and it is devastating for parents, staff and the school community when a student dies. It can be very difficult to even know where to start when it comes to providing support. Opening these necessary conversations between students, families and staff alike are essential to help everyone to move forwards and start healing. 

Liz Gleeson is an experienced Psychotherapist & Educator in the field of Grief and Loss. She regularly provides grief education and training lectures to teachers and chaplaincy staff in schools. Better trained staff means better bereavement outcomes for their students. Why not consider inviting her to attend your school and support your community directly. Contact us via our website

We often receive very positive feedback from these lectures, such as the one recently received below.

“Hi Liz, 

I am so sorry for the Friday evening email- but I couldn’t let tonight pass by without thanking you a million times for last night. The resounding response this morning, the conversations in the staffroom with those who were there but also not there listening to our experience of the talk was amazing. Also … the stories that emerged this morning of grief from staff members who have never spoken before.. we just spoke and talked and wow, the topic used to scare me a little and I honestly feel so much more ready in facing it but also so aware of how much more I have to and want to learn. 

We’ll be in touch about the training, and I’ll look forward to continuing with the podcasts!

Have a lovely weekend Liz, and honestly thanks so much again, ”


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